7 Favorites for Marathon Training

by Monica on May 8, 2010

“Training mode” requires a restructuring of a casual life…obsession must take hold.  Part of this change involves products that aid us on the journey of soreness and fatigue caused by repetitive workouts and long hours on the run.   Running is a relatively low cost sport (unless you travel to races in far away places), but we love any gear that get us through the tough moments.   Sometimes discovering such things as ‘freezing your Gatorade the night before a long run on a hot day’ can be a revelation.  But more often, it’s the discovery of ‘a running bra that doesn’t chafe’ or ‘a recovery drink that you can no longer live without’ that brings momentary bliss.  My children refer to these as “mom’s new running thing” when they discover them on a counter or in my running cubby.  Training for the San Francisco marathon has begun and although some of these items have been resurrected (partially tested from another training session), these are my favorites of the moment (we are affiliates for some of the products listed below, however, we only recommend products that we personally use and enjoy):

1) KT tape : I have been using this on my foot and knee as I got back into training.  I no longer need it on my knee, but continue to use a strip of it each day on my foot.  On the site it claims: Supports sore or injured muscles, joints, and tendons without restricting motion like compression bands or wraps. KT Tape is like a brace, but better, and even more comfortable to wear.

2) This Wooden Foot Massager sits under my desk and really seems to loosen my foot muscles as I work.  I just slip off my shoe and roll the heck out of the inside fascia.  It really feels good…I mean, hurts so good:)

3) Nuun natural hydration Gogi Berry/Green Tea tablets: I add these tablets to my water when working out or after a run for the vitamins and electrolytes without the calories.  I like the light taste and appreciate that I can keep the tablets in my bag and just add to my bottle of water.

4) Trader Joe’s Almond Butter with Roasted Flax Seeds on crusty whole wheat bread, Trader Joe’s Simply the Best Trek Mix and roasted and salted almonds from Wegman’s.   All becoming staples in my pre and post run meals.

5) The music playlist my husband made and loaded onto my ipod.  I like it for workouts and weight training…gets me going.  I just recently tried it on the track and loved it’s motivational vibe.

6) My Newtons: I love these shoes.  They feel good on my feet and light in my training.  I just purchased my second pair of trainers (wish they were a little less expensive-ouch!) but feel like they have been great for my injured feet.  I must add, however, that whenever there is an update on ones favorite running shoe you hope it’s a tolerable color combo (as we do not choose our shoes for their color).  But whomever designed the newest women’s stability trainer might have been on something.  The bright lime green laces with glittered green logo (and I am a fan of glitter) have elicited many comments…most referencing clowns.

7) The Under Armour Form Tank is my new favorite running top.  It’s long so it covers the tummy but the fabric is light.  Love the stylish back.  I wore it for the oppressively hot Broad Street run and it really kept me really dry.   They also have it in black but I love this pink…

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