Inspirations – Jamie

by Jamie on October 21, 2008

What inspires me: New ideas, color, movies that take me to the every day of a place I’ve never been, Rosa on the town and in the water
Necessary indulgence: La Colombe coffee (Philadelphia’s finest), stacks of magazines
Favorite Places: NY, ancient cities with modern sensibilities
The most fun to be had: Setting off, with my family in tow, on a far away adventure. Spending time with my smart, edgy, fun loving friends
In your purse: A dog eared notebook that lists the books, restaurants, movies, shops, and perfumes I plan to check out some day (wish I would write more legibly!), multiple reading glasses
Distance running necessities: Ipod and a back up shuffle (the 20th mile of the Vermont Marathon: don’t get me started), 2 Gel Double Lattes, Gatorade Rain, Advil— chocolate milk (a scientifically proven recovery drink!) and the NY Times awaiting my return

Next Race: Chicago MArathon 09

Last Race: Boston Marathon 2009

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