Happy New Year President!

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by Monica on January 19, 2009

I was never a big fan of New Years Eve.  All that pressure to have fun.  My husband and I now love a quiet one sitting around with family or/and friends.   We ponder the events of the year and tie up in our minds its loose ends as if that one nightfall puts it all neatly behind us and allows us to hope for the new day.  This year I have decided to start my new year on January 20 (the day of the presidential inauguration).  So Happy New Year President!  There is great opportunity for creativity to be found in change…and I am all for that.   I seek it this year in my running, designing and relating.  Here’s to figuring out ways to learn from what we have endured and to live more joyfully, more efficiently, and more consciously…and to of course: Blog on.

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