{Boston Marathon Training} Corral Assignment, Chia seeds and Long Run Alliances

by Monica on March 14, 2013


Bib           WaveCorral             Name               Age    M/F

17969            2/9             Anderson, Monica     50      F


I received my bib number and corral assignment!    It conjures the sobering thought that I will in fact actually have to run a marathon next month.  I made it into the second wave by a few hundredths of a second.  I will start at 10:20 am.  Everyday the training gets a little bit better and I can feel the change in my body…I feel stronger.  I have been somewhat half-hearted this time, so I am just hoping it’s enough.  Since I last blogged I have discovered a new love for Chia seeds on peanut butter before my long runs and re-discovered the magic of long runs bonds.

Trader Joe’s almond butter has disappeared from the shelves at out local store so I was forced to settle for the salted crunchy peanut butter I had left behind.  A spoonful of it dipped in Chia seeds and glopped onto a bowl of oatmeal is my new pre-run meal of choice.  I even started making coffee (this has always been a no-no for me) on those mornings and take just a few sips (of course, I have to use the cheap coffee we keep as back up because I can’t rationalize using the good stuff for a two-sip fix).  Now that I am fifty, I have adopted a rebellious (#thatfiftything) mentality and see no reason to deprive myself of the morning caffeine rush (even if it means a potty stop along the route).  I also now buy the pre-bagged single servings of cashews and trek mix because they provide the perfect after run/mid-afternoon snack in guilt-free serving sizes (they have also become a staple in my son’s lunch and tennis bag).

This week I will venture out for my third really long run (19,20,20).  There are only two of us among the extended group of runners I have trained with over the years committed to a spring marathon.  The running solidarity that forms from hours of struggling through and mastering the miles (and so much Gatorade later) has officially replaced our formerly acquaintance-ish dynamic.  The tipping point in a running friendship is often realized on the long run, sometimes the most unexpected alliances of heart occur.  Getting up at 5 am to run for 20 miles in the cold requires that you rely on your most effective distraction—each other.  Long run stories endear us to each other in ways that are not possible in familiar settings, cocktail or water cooler chatter would never cover 20 miles. Proving once again that “long distance” friendships lie at the heart of my running.

Strength training, a vitamin regime, and rest are the most consistent elements to my training.  I know each one helps in different ways to keep my miles strong.  I can’t wait to get to the starting line this time and relax and enjoy the ride!


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